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Red39 Entertainment is an artist management and virtual management firm designed to help artist navigate through the ever changing music business climate. By using cutting edge technology, we help our clients grow their fan base, expand their social media reach, sell more music and merchandise and get more fans to their shows. If you are looking for a traditional personal artist manager, see the bottom of this page.

Virtual Management 

Our Virtual Management clients receive the same guidance as our Artist Management clients.  The biggest difference is that we don't represent you to the industry. We advise and teach how to grow your fan base until you are ready for representation. For our Virtual Management clients, we are looking for artist that want to get their music to a level that attracts record labels, or to a level where they can make a living as an independent artist.

  • Great songs
  • Self motivated hard workers
  • Visual learners
  • If you are looking for Artist Management to help you get your music career to the next level, we offer several solutions to help artists who are ready to work to grow their fan bases.

    Lets face it, the music industry has changed. Record companies, booking agents, etc, are no longer looking for just good music. They are looking for artists that already have an existing fan base. Artists that have already built a business around their music and have shown that fans are willing to spend their money on them.


    So the role of a manager has changed significantly. While some artist have been able to build their music business successfully on their own, and proven to the industry they are ready for the next level, many are still scratching their heads on what to do to break out of the local rut.

    By using cutting edge technology and resources, we have created a brand new alternative to our traditional artist management service.  We call it "Virtual" Management" and it allows us to help more musicians accomplish their goals. We advise these clients in private Management Zoom meetings, a private group setting, communication through email, text message and Messenger and access to our Red39U online Management Video Training Center. This allows us to offer our management services for a fraction of what traditional managers charge.  

    We have worked with Multi Platinum artists and some of the top record labels in the world. Our standard rate for our Personal Artist Management service ranges between 15%-20% of the total gross income an artist earns.

    But with our new Red39 Virtual Management programs,  you can have experienced, professional management for a flat fee of $25 per month, with no commission fee and no contract. The service is month to month and you can cancel anytime.

    And we advise you just as we do our national management clients. This services is available to artist of any genre. Our Virtual Management service is perfect for artist who do not have management and are looking to grow their career and get to the next level. They are also a great way for up and coming managers to be mentored and learn the music business.

    If you are looking for a more hands on, traditional Personal Manager, we are also accepting submissions for this service. Note that you must be at a level where you already monetizing your music and are earning a minimum of $3500 per month in merch sales, live music, etc. If you are interested in this service, please send us an email to with your music resume.

    Red39 Virtual Management Offers Advice and Guidance Along With Complete Training & Resources To Build Your Music Career. 


    You will have direct access to an experienced manager to guide you through both the business and creative side of the music industry.


    We provide you with all the information and resources you need to grow your fan base and start making income from your music. 


    We do our best to keep our clients motivated and accountable. Procrastination KILLS careers. We use weekly updates and reminders with tips on staying motivated to take action and build your career.

    You will have direct access to our CEO, Chip Latham, through our virtual management service. Access is provided with monthly Zoom Management Meetings, email, text and messenger. You'll also have access to monthly Facebook Live Training's & Q&A's and access to our record label contacts.

    Our clients also have 24/7 access to ALL of our Red39 management virtual management sessions. These video conversations and trainings will cover topic-specific techniques, strategies and suggestions to guide you through a path to take your music career to the next level. Some of the topics included are how to use social media to properly grow your fan base on a national level, how to pitch your music to the industry, how to book more shows AND get more people out to see them, how to network, how to monetize your music, common mistakes to avoid and many more.

    New courses are added frequently and all our previous Facebook Live Q&A Training's are archived for instant access as well. 

    Virtual Management Option (Now Excepting Submissions. We Have 3 More Slots Open)

    What You Get As A Virtual Management Client:

    Zoom Management Meetings

    A 30 minute Zoom Video Management Meeting to set goals, update progress, answer questions, etc. Zoom meetings are monthly and by appointment.


    Full Support Via Text, Facebook Messenger, text message and our personal email.


    Access to our personal music industry contacts including Record Labels, Artist Managers, Booking Agents and more.

    Resources & Training

    Access to our Red39 U Marketing and Industry Training Video Library. This contains video recorded management sessions on how to use social media to grow your fan base, how to network, how to pitch your music, how to book and promote shows and many other essential topics to help guide you through your career. 

    Private Facebook Group

    Complete access to our Private Facebook Group to post your questions and get feedback, and access to our Twice A Month Facebook Live Training & Q&A Interactive Videos.

    Training Archive

    Access Facebook Live training archive. This includes special "Live" trainings, recorded management meetings with other Red39 artist

    Secure Payment

    Artist Management 

    If you are looking for a more hands on, traditional Personal Manager, we are also accepting submissions for this service. Note that you must be at a level where you already monetizing your music and are earning a minimum of $3500 per month in merch sales, live music, etc. If you are interested in this service, please send us an email to with your music resume.

    Our Artist Management clients receive full representation. We represent and advise all areas of the artist career, with the exception of booking shows. We pitch your music to record labels, booking agents, publishers, etc.

    We look for artist that are ready to be signed to a record label. So we look for the same level of artist the labels are looking for.

    Of course great songs are the most important. We need songs that can blow A&R reps away.

    But we also are looking for artists who have an existing fan base in place. Who already business model and are selling merch and music.

  • Artist that (pre-Covid) have a solid tour base, at least in their regional area.
  • Artist that already are building their mailing list and have social media pages with engaged fans.
  • They are already monetizing their music and have a consistent income stream.
  • These are the characteristics that allow us to come in and bring other people to the team, such as a label and booking agent.

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